GIT(Source Control) Thoughts gathered

This is brain dump of thoughts I gathered and writing this to be easily referred in future

when using git svn clone command specify the full path as svn/trunk/yourpoject or svn/branches/yourproject

git svn has the command git svn create-ignore which creates the gitignore file based on svn

use git svn rebase command to update your git repository with chanes in svn

git push -u origin(remote repository ref) branchname
to push your newly created branch to server

git push origin branchname:branchname to commit changes you have made to the branch to the server branch

git merge master branchname: to merge the changes from branch to master

git fetch githubremotename +localbranchname:remotebranchname
execute this command from MASTER branch

How to sync your changes of your forked repository
$ git checkout -b upstream/master
$ git remote add upstream git://
$ git pull upstream
$ git checkout master
$ git merge upstream/master

git push origin master