life at 28

in my case, I think when you grow old you want to talk more and to be listened 🙂
 i also wanted to learn more than ever before.dont know why
I often wonder how can you succeed on the software field.
Every developer has same tool which he build on top of it…what is the X factor?
Is it your workplace or colleagues or your self motivation to learn something new
or to enhance your problem solving skills?

you also tend to take a review of what you have done so far in  your life..
Well I think writing that review would be really cynical..

I  have found a new Job and I am really happy about the project
I have been put into..
My colleagues, and some of the agile tools like Cruise control are used in the project which is ambitious of
using the latest technology

found some interesting software suggested by my colleagues

Well ..I have found out a long list of To be Read books
Apprenticeship Patterns
Programming pearls
Junit recipes
pojos in action
The definitive guide to spring  webflow